Bobo, The Tusker King


Difficulty:  80+ to survive with a sizeable fellowship, very high level mage to solo
Level Restriction:  80+
Timer:  3 Days
Can be Solo'd?  Yes, but only as a high level mage with good melee defense
Rewards:  Recall Aphus Lassel spell, Tattoos, various other spells, Tusker Paws, Healing Kits, or Experience

Bobo the Tusker King lives on the second island of Aphus Lassel in a hidden dungeon behind a Waterfall.  Until you've defeated Bobo's minions, you will have to rely on portal gems or the Tusker Temples to reach Aphus Lassel.  Among Bobo's treasures are recall scrolls to Aphus Lassel, various Tattoos, and rare spells.  Of course, you'll have to defeat Bobo's champion before you'll be worthy of such rewards.

Step 0: Begin your quest by buffing up for the entire dungeon.  To be safe, buff against all attacks, but the biggest ones you'll need to worry about are Bludgeoning and Piercing.  When you're ready, run from town to Kleeoh, a NPC living in a hut on the second island at 2.5S, 86.5E.  If this is your first time, greet Kleeoh and listen to her dialog.  That will flag you to enter Bobo's home.  You only need to do this once, so if your group has done this quest before, run straight to the dungeon.

Dungeon 1:  Behind the Waterfall.  This dungeon is straightforward and it's pretty easy to navigate.  Head down from the drop point and turn down when you see a large statue.  From this point, hug the right wall.  You'll blunder through several traps and through two large rooms.  You'll head down two ramps after passing through the third large room, where you'll fight the first Annihilator.  Kill him and then head into the portal in the last room.

Dungeon 2:  Tusker Warrior's Lair.  This dungeon is much more maze-like, so keep your group together.  From the drop point, turn around and go down the ramp to the SW.  Hugging the left wall will take you to another ramp downwards into an open room.  Find the passage on the west wall and head along the winding corridor.  You'll reach a very large room with a steep ramp.  Hold your group up by the entrance and use one group member to run down into the room to lure the monsters.  There are two Annihilators here, so don't let your group fall apart.  Kill the monsters that follow your lure and then press on down the ramp.  Press on to the east, through the maze until you reach a larger room.  The next portal is hidden among the pillars.

Dungeon 3:  Tusker Food Storage.  This dungeon is by far the most confusing of the whole quest, so keep your group together and be attentive.  From the drop, hug the right wall and take the first right turn down a ramp.  You'll turn facing south - take the third right (heading west).  You will come to a four-way intersection at the bottom of this ramp.  Turn right and again, hug the right wall until you reach a ramp down, again heading west.  Head down toward a large open room and hold your group up in the doorway.  Kill the Annihilators and then make your way to the portal.

Dungeon 4:  Legend of the Tusker King.  This dungeon is short and relatively simple.  There are four open rooms along a linear path - the last has an Annihilator in it, so be careful.  After the Annihilator, you'll head down a ramp to a four-way intersection.  Hug the right wall and make your way into a large room with a ramp in the middle.  Head down that ramp and hug the left wall and you'll find the last portal.

Step 5:  Throne of the Tusker King.  The final step on your quest is to meet with Bobo, the Tusker King.  Run straight ahead and greet Bobo.  He will teleport you into an anteroom where you will prepare for a fight with Bobo's champion Mowen.  Dispel any negative spells you might have and then plunge through the portal ahead of you into Mowen's arena.  Gather your group in a corner and go to work.  Mages should debuff and then start launching fire bolts.  Melees and archers should be attacking the whole time.  Ignore the other monsters and get rid of Mowen as soon as you can.  As soon as he is defeated, a portal will appear.  Everyone needs to get in the portal as soon as possible! 

Step 6:  Rewards.  You will return to your anteroom, but this time, the portal will lead back to Bobo's throne.  Greet Bobo again and you will receive your Magic Tusker Paw.  Whoever did the most damage to Mowen will get a paw with three fingers, meaning three wishes!  After you get your paw, take the Idol of Wishes portal to the SW of Bobo.  Inside are a couple dozen statues, each granting a different wish.  If this is your first time, give your paw to the statue immediately ahead of you, the Statue of Artificer's Wishes, for the recall spell, which will be written directly into your spellbook.  If you have the recall spell, pick a statue of your choice.  You will either get an experience reward into the skill of your choice (ranging from 250,000 XP to 1,000,000) or a shot at a rare reward:

Alchemy XP Only Arcane Lore XP Only Armor Tinkering XP Only
Axe Tattoo Bow Tattoo Cooking XP Only
Creature Magic Tusker Might Spell Dagger Tattoo Fletching XP Only
Healing Heal Kits Item Magic Recall, Tusker Skin Spell Item Tinkering XP Only
Jump Tusker Leap Spell Life Magic Tusker Hide Spell Lockpick XP Only
Mace Tattoo Magic Defense Tattoo Magic Item Tinkering XP Only
Mana Conversion Tattoo Melee Defense Tattoo Missile Defense Tattoo
Run Tusker Sprint Spell Spear Tattoo Staff Tattoo
Sword Tattoo Thrown Weapons Tattoo Unarmed Combat Tattoo
War Magic Tusker Fists Spell Weapon Tinkering XP Only Crossbow Tattoo
Greedy Wishes Fills your pack with Notes